Clearwater Beach Association

Officers, Directors & Committees

Minutes & By-Laws







President  Wendy Hutkin

Vice President Jodi Bratch

Secretary Vicki Jackson

Treasurer David Ramos


Standing Committees Chairs

  • Beautification – Susanne MacNamee and Pat Murphy
    Responsible for efforts to beautify Clearwater Beach and surrounding.  Promotes the “adopt-a-park” program, encourages participation in clean-up programs. The Committee develops fund-raising programs for beautification.  It is responsible for holiday decoration competition.

  • Government –  Anne Garris, Ross Concklin    Member: Ron Delp
    Responsible for keeping rack of activities at City Hall and elsewhere which affect Clearwater Beach.  At the direction of the Board this committee may plan campaigns to affect the outcome of such activities.  Plans and conducts annual City Council candidate forum.

  • Business – Samuel Hutkin   Member:
    Responsible for bringing to the Board matters which affect business at Clearwater Beach.  Responsible for keeping the business community informed about activities of the Clearwater Beach Association.  Makes recommendations to the Board on areas where business interests need support, at City Hall or elsewhere.

  • Communications (publicity) - Anne Garris  Member: Jay Keyes
    Responsible for communication between Board and members, including newsletters and web site.

  • Membership – Jerry Murphy   Members:  Sandy Britton, Wendy Meller, Anne Garris
    Responsible for membership campaign, keeping membership records, sending out membership cards, soliciting sponsorship for directory of members, printing and distributing directory, and other efforts which promote membership.

  • Residential (Civic Affairs)– Ron Delp
    Responsible for responding to specific inquiries, complaints or suggestions from residential members.  Liaison between Parks and Recreation staff and Clearwater Beach Association.   Promotes recreational activities, especially for our young people.  Keeps Board informed of any needs or problems at Beach Recreation Center.

  • Activities and Events - Wendy Hutkin, Samuel Hutkin   Member:  Pat Gallagher
    Responsible for planning annual meeting plus any other parties or activities deemed appropriate by the committee or requested by the Board.  (Past activities have included the annual boat ride, community yard sales, Christmas caroling, Octoberfests, and special meetings to encourage member participation).

  • Environment - Jodi Bratch
    Responsible for bringing to the Board matters which pertain to the environment and the Clearwater Environment Advisory Board (EAB).

  • Ad hoc Committees

    •  Executive - Jerry Murphy, Jay Keyes, Pat Gallagher, Ron Delp

    • Charter Review

    • Nomination - Jerry Murphy, Jay Keyes, Pat Gallagher, Ron Delp

    • Web site Master - Ron Delp

Board of Directors


2011-2013 Term


Open seat                                          

Patrick Gallagher (2008)                  E-mail Pat

Open seat                                          

Wendy Meller Hutkin(2011)            E-mail Wendy

Sam Hutkin (2011)                            E-mail Sam


2012 - 2014Term 


Open Seat                                           

Bill Holland (2013)                             E-mail Bill

Jay Keyes (2009)                               E-mail Jay

Jerry Murphy (2010)                         E-mail Jerry

open seat                                             


2013-2015 Term


Open Seat

Open Seat

Jodi Bratch (2012)                             E-mail Jodi

Ron Delp (2012)                                E-mail Ron

Aaron Petersen (2013)                      E-mail Aaron